Performance Upcoming  "Weil wir sprechen" (If we spoke) 25th of October 2021  - Museum for Life Stories. 

We will be performing live ​in front of the old National Gallery in Berlin at 3pm. 

More Info:

See you there! 

Ausstellung - Vernissage - Südwestpassage Kultour

Am 02.10.21 & 03.10.21 sind einiger meiner Bilder in einer gemeinsamen Werkschau mit Arbeiten von WoodPrint Berlin im Rahmen des Kultour-Festivals  Südwestpassage zu sehen. 

Some of my visual Art will be visible October 02nd and 03rd at Festival Südwestpassage Kultour in Berlin Friedenau. Check Website for Info. 


Es gibt noch eine Reihe anderer anderer Künstler und offene Ateliers zu besuchen auf diesem intimen Kunstfestival im Künstlerviertel Berlin Friedenau. 


Weitere Infos auf der Website: ​

Image by Chris Barbalis

Job offer - Performer / Dancer for Polyrama  Project

Image Curtesy of Chris Barbalis

For a comissioned work for newly forming 'Polyrama - Museum für Lebensgeschichten' September 2021

What: Creating a short performance in public space based on a personal story and interview including improvised dance, language, music, visuals. 


Necessary availability: Several (3-5) individually sceduled rehearsals until 23rd of September + online preparation meetings.  

Performance timeframe: 23rd-26th of September ( 1 Day availability)

Further shows might come later.  


Good dance and performing improvisation skills especially with live music.

Fluency in spoken German and one other Language, preferably englisch and willingness to use voice and vocal sound on stage.

Creative Mindset 

Open-mindedness towards human beings an their personal stories as well as mindfulness and intercultural and interpersonal sensitivity with embodying personal stories of a 'stranger'. 

What to expect: 

Possibility to perform in a multidisciplinary dance project and be part of one of ten commissioned outdoor-performance projects. 

Become part of the opening story of new forming Polyrama Museum. 

Bring in your own ideas and possibilities. 

How to apply:

Get in contact though contact button. 

Send a short message with motivation or video link explaining Your motivation and ideas (500words max). 

Send short CV (max. 1 page) + condensed references (website, video-links of reel, worksamples etc.). 


Payment details on request. 

Application Process ist closed. Thank you for your interest.