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AFUERA is the spanish word for outside. In this experimental short film, constructed as a filmed abstract essay, two nameless characters find themselves isolated in a room. A wordless dialogue between them emerges, yet it stays unclear if one of the two is only the creation of the other's mind. Fragments of ideas based on writings of Erich Maria Remarque and Jewish intellectual Etty Hillesum confront the question: How do we overcome adversities, loneliness and maintain our sanity and mental stability, when we are bound to suffer from isolation, separation and adversity? 

AFUERA POSTER 2023 full.jpg

Text fragments appearing in this work are based on works by Erich Maria Remarque & Etty Hillesum. 

Produced under the cooperation of the programme of artistic residences of GEN Center for Arts and Sciences, Uruguay


Funded by  Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe  in colaboration with Tänzer ohne Grenzen e.V.  

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